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Vatche Bartekian (b. 1978)

A commemorative short poem for the late Catholicos Karekin I (In English)

To a Patriarch Fallen, but Never Forgotten

Silhouettes of angels sing in heaven
For a Patriarch so loved from his breathren.
The Catholicos of All Armenians passed on to Him
And his warm heart will never be forgotten.

The People mourn for a brother they've lost,
A father, a teacher, a friend.
Karekin I will always touch our souls at most
To remind us of how one should live to the end.

A poet, a philosopher, a comedian, a gentleman...
All these he was to his sheep.
Never once did he raise his voice in anger,
But led a nation with a whisper of his keep.

Humility adornes his illuminated soul
And peace was his message to our people.
To give unto others the last bread in our bowl,
And expect a smile as our gratitude, no more.

Your Holiness, we shall miss you dearly.
Your guidance throughout the many years were heard.
And be aware of our dedication clearly
To keep our faith in God and our nation strong and assured.


Courtesy of 
Vatche Bartekian
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