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Trina Kiujian (Year 12 Student - 2001)

My Armenia

I Live You Solely From What I Hear,
I See You Only In My Dreams
That Is The Only Place
You Dare To Be Alive.
For Fear.
These Eyes Have Never Beheld You
These Hands Never Touched
But This Heart Beats In Rhythm
With Yours Alone.
They Believe You To Be Dry And Dead
They-Who Have Not Met You, Face To Face
Speak Of Only Corpses And Hollow Winds
Of Memories They Would Rather Not Recall
But In My Mind's Eye You Rejuvenate,
Your Fields Are Green And Your Still Waters Run
Gleaming Brightly For Me Alone.
And When It Is Just The Two Of Us Together
Me In Silence, And You The Illusion I Can't Forget,
I Feel As Though I Have The World In My Grasp.
When You Cry. I Am There To Comfort You.

Crumbling Churches, Stone Crucifix
An Old Woman, Head Covered With Shawl,
Her Silent Prayers Resonate In My Ear.
The Man With The Grey Coat,
Leading His Lost Sheep Sings Of You-For You.
And The Little Orphan Girl
Bent In Her Corner Of The Dormitory
Clings To Her Torn Blanket-Representing Your Freedom,
Your Survival In The Face Of Tyranny And Oppression.

And If I See You...
What Then?
If I Come To Know The Reality Behind My Dreams,
All My Fantasies Will Lie In Shreds At My Feet.
And My Face Covered In Your Soil
I Will Weep For You Until You Rise Before Me
My Armenia


Courtesy of Trina Kiujian
Christian Covenant School

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