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Since the establishment of ‘Hye Etch’ in 1999, millions of people visited this web site. Many of them wrote to us inquiring about Armenian related books, CDs and publications. Their most common question was “Where can we buy them from?

In response to this popular inquiry and to encourage Armenian literature, music, arts, culture etc. we have decided to create the new ‘Books & Publications’ section of Hye Etch. This is where writers, musicians, publishers etc. can promote their Armenian related publications FREE of charge and at the same time get to sell them directly to the public.

How dose it work?

As mentioned above, this is a FREE service offered by Hye Etch. You do not have to pay us a cent. All we ask from you is that you download our off-line 'Publications Submission Form' (Microsoft Word document) fill it out and e-mail it back to us, plus send us a single copy of each publication you wish to promote.

Important Information: You have 21 days from the date of your publication submission to send us a copy of your publication. If we do not receive the publication within that period, your submission form will be deleted automatically.

All purchasing transactions are made directly between you the supplier and the purchaser. Hye Etch will not get involved and there will be no hidden charges or payment. Hye Etch reserves the right to reject a submission if we feel it dose not meet generally accepted ethical and social standards (e.g. Use of profanity).

To see how the publications are listed on the Hye Etch site please click “HERE”.

Our Mailing Address is:
SSS Graphics (Hye Etch)
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