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This online “Colouring Book” is a lot of fun for children and adults alike. Just like traditional colouring books you can choose different pictures and colour them in with any colour you like.

We have included some interesting pictures for you to choose from. These are intended to give your children hours of safe entertainment and at the same time educate them with pictures and words. Please be patient and allow about a minute (depending on your Internet connection speed) for the 'Colouring Book' to load in your browser.

In time more pictures will be added to the colouring book.

How to start colouring in?

Colouring in is as simple as clicking your mouse pointer (cursor) on to the picture and moving it around. For more information about how to select colours etc. please click “HERE”.

How to select colours etc.

You can select a colour from the ‘COLOURED BOXES’ found at the top of the colouring book or click in the ‘RAINBOW COLOUR PALATE’ located at the bottom. If you wish to add a colour to the ‘COLOURED BOXES’ at the top, just select the colour from the ‘RAINBOW COLOUR PALATE’ and click on the ‘REPLACE COLOR IN PALLETE’ button.

Select either ‘COLOR’ or ‘TRACE’ mode using the radio buttons. ‘COLOR’ will give you a solid fill and ‘TRACE’ will highlight the lines of the picture with the chosen colour.

You can change the pen size by moving the slider bar (marked as ‘SIZE’) at the bottom. If you wish to colour in another picture, just click on the drop down menu located at the top above the ‘COLOURED BOXES’ and select a picture. 

Now let's have some FUN.

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