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Credits, Acknowledgments, Copyright and Awards

Parev, (Greetings)

y name is John Semerdjian. I am the manager and creative director at 'SSS Graphics', a graphic design and advertising studio located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (Australia).

Hye Etch is the product of months of research, planing and hard work. Some people may not believe when I tell them that this whole site is the work of an individual, but it’s true. I am proud to be the designer and the creator of Hye Etch.

The following few paragraphs will give you a brief insight about “behind the scenes” activities during the creation of Hye Etch.

Hye Etch was designed from ground up. The name Hye Etch (Armenian Page) instigated the overall look and feel of the interface. The idea was to create an online book with the look and feel of a conventional book, with easy to read body text, attractive layout and simple navigation.

The challenge was to design an interface that will be suitable for different screen resolutions and sizes, and reasonably fast enough to download without compromising quality.

The text was gathered from different sources, some were scanned in from books and publications, some were typed in and others copied (with permission) off the Internet. But all had to be formatted to suit the final layout.

The images were no different, most had to be scanned, but all had to be reseized, colour corrected, sharpened and made ready for the Internet.

Each chapter was created separately and then combined as a final product. After months of HTML, Javascript and CGI programming, Hye Etch was born.

Hye Etch is not just a good looking site, it is a rich source of information, written by educators, scholars and people who are experts in their own field. In fact this whole site would not have been possible without the generous contribution of literary and artistic material by these individuals and organisations.

This page is dedicated to all those who have granted me permission to use and publish their hard work on this site. I would like to take this opportunity and thank each and every one of them for their support and good will.

John Semerdjian

he following are the names of the individuals and organisations who were kind enough to contribute literary and/or artistic material for the development of this site.

  • Archbishop Aghan Baliozian
  • Primate of Australia & New Zealand
    Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, Sydney.

  • Amy (Manis / Sadjian) Bauer
    E-mail: abauer29@comcast.net
  • Armenag Yeghiayan & Heghnar Yeghiayan (Daughter)
  • Author of "Dziadzan" Armenian text/grammar books.
    E-mail: armenag@gmail.com
  • Armenian Youth Federation, Greece.
  • Web site: http://behemoth.compulink.gr/armen-yth/
  • Aram Akheyan
  • ArmGate (Formerly Armscape)
    Web site: www.armgate.com
  • Arsen Shahnazarian
  • E-mail: Shhnzrn@aol.com
  • Avetis Avagyan
  • ArmSite (Formerly Armscape)
    Web site: www.armsite.com
  • Boghos (Paul) Adjemian
  • E-mail: PAdjemian@aol.com
  • The Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church
  • Web site: www.sain.org
  • Danette Hein-Snider
  • E-mail: dheinsnider@yahoo.com
  • Dr. Dickran Kouymjian
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon. 
    Web site: www.csufresno.edu/ArmenianStudies
  • Edith Ananian Fisher
  • Email: e.fisher@kaldor.com.au
  • Fr. Daron Stepanian
  • St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church 
    Web site: www.krikorlousavorich.org
  • Gevork Nazaryan
  • Armenian Highland - Armenian Enlightenment Chronicle 
    Web site: www.armenianhighland.com
  • Gina Poladian
  • The Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia 
    Web site: www.cathcil.org
  • Haig Utidjian
  • E-mail: hu@eng.cam.ac.uk
  • Helene Pilibosian & Hagop Sarkissian (Ohan Press)
    E-mail: hsarkiss@comcast.net
    Web Site: http://home.comcast.net/~hsarkiss

  • Jacob Majarian
    Web site: www.majart.com.au

  • James Kennedy
    E-mail: james.kennedy30@ntlworld.com
  • Joyce Sulahian
  • Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem 
    Web site: www.armenian-patriarchate.org
  • Karen Reinhart
  • Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
    E-mail: keran@hancock.net
  • Maral Maljian
  • E-mail: maraljan@hotmail.com
  • Meher Grigorian
  • Armenian Genocide Research Unit
    Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Michael Stephen
    Caretaker - Armenian Church, Madras, India
    E-mail: mikestephen65@yahoo.co.in

  • Nephi Kazerian
  • Web site: http://feefhs.org.am/amrl.html
  • Laura Shannon
  • Web site: www.dance.demon.co.uk
  • Liyana Baghdasarian
    E-mail: lbaghdasarian@yahoo.com

  • Luna Movsesian
    E-mail: Luna.Movsesian@cwo.com.au
  • Onnik Krikorian
  • One World Multimedia
    Web site: www.freespeech.org/oneworld
  • Percussion East
  • Web site: www.threebirds.com/percussion/home.htm
  • Peter Farrington & Abba Seraphim
  • The British Orthodox Church 
    Web site: www.uk-christian.net/boc/main.htm
  • Seta Krikorian
  • E-mail: setakrik@free.net.nz
  • Teni Melidonian
  • Armenian Embassy Washington DC 
    Web site: www.armeniaemb.org
  • Vahan Bleyan
  • HAYKNET - Armenian multilingual database 
    Web site: www.arminco.com/hayknet
  • Zvart and Keghany Tchaglassian
Special thank you to Roubina Semerdjian for helping with typesetting.

Also special thank you to Michael Ghougasian from "Nareg Limited" (www.nareg.com.au) for excepting to host Hye Etch free of charge.

Copyright Information

ye Etch is designed to be an educational site for people to learn about us - Armenians. Where possible we have acquired permission from the authors of the material published on this site, and we tried our best to acknowledge and give credit to everyone who contributed to this site.

In our opinion, information should be free for everyone to read, learn and share with others, but we also respect and appreciate the hard work which has gone into authoring these material, and that’s why we ask you to be considerate and ask permission before you copy anything off this site.

The following information should help you better understand what can be used and what can’t.

Hye Etch logo and interface

Hye Etch logo and all the interface graphics, design and layout is copyright to Hye Etch and may not be copied and reused in any form.

Literature and images

All of the material (literature & images) published on this site are copyright to their respective authors. But in some cases they are willing to allow people to use their material on the following conditions: First, you ask permission and specify what is the intent of your use of this material; Second, if permission granted, you must give the author full credit and mention the source where you have acquired this material from (ie. Hye Etch web site including the URL).

If for some reason you are not sure of to whom the material belongs to on a certain page, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Be advised that permission will not be granted to those who intend to use these material for commercial purposes, or make profit out of them directly or indirectly. (e.g. use them as bait to lure people to their site and sell them magazine subscriptions, products or even for fund raising activities).

Awards Hye Etch received
Hye Etch is proud to announce our 1st award. We have been awarded "CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite" award and have been listed on the "People's Choice WebSite500" list. Thanks to all who voted for Hye Etch.
Hye Etch is proud to announce our 2nd award. We have been awarded the "International Penfriends - Site of the Week" award for the detailed tourist information we have about Armenia.
Hye Etch is proud to announce our 3rd award. We have been awarded the prestigious "Canada Graphics - Excellence of Design" Gold award. This is what they said about 'Hye Etch': 

  "Your web-site has excellent graphics and layout. Your site qualifies for Canada Graphics (excellence of design) Gold Award, 2002. Congratulations on a job well done."

Hye Etch is proud to announce our 4th award. We have been awarded the "International Association of Webmasters and Designers" ( I.A.W.M.D.) prestigious Golden Web Award 2002-2003 for excellence in design and literary content.


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