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Important Dates From the History of Armenia
2492.B.C....... Beginning of the Armenian old calendar
835-825.B.C. Foundation of Dushba (Van), Capital of the Kingdom of Urartu 
782 B.C.  Foundation of the Erebuni (Yerevan) by King Argishti of Urartu
590-585 B.C.  Fall of the Kingdom of Urartu
585-550 B.C. The struggle of Armenia against Marasdan
521-520 B.C. The revolt of the Armenia against the Achamenid Kingdom of Iran
401-400 B.C. The retreat of Xenophon and the Greek Army through Armenia 
334 B.C. Invasion by Alexander the Great
331 B.C. The establishment of Kingdoms of Armenia Major and Armenia Minor
312 B.C. The establishment of Seleucid Kingdom
240 B.C. The establishment of the Armenian Kingdom of Dsopk
220 B.C. Armenia Major and Dsopk accept the rule of the Seleucid Kingdom 
208-188 B.C. Foundation of Yervantashat Capital of Armenia
190 B.C. Battle of Magnesia and the defeat of Seleucids by the Romans
189 B.C. Establishment of Ardashesian Kingdom in Armenia
180-160 B.C. Foundation of Ariashad, the Capital of Armenia
95 B.C. Elevation of Tigran II (the Great) to the Armenian throne
80-70 B.C. Foundation of Tigranakert the capital of the Armenian Empire 
69 B.C. Lucullus, the Roman general invades Armenia and occupies Tigranakert 
66 B.C. The invasion of Armenia by Pompey. Roman-Armenian Treaty
1 A.D. Fall of Artashisian Kingdom
64 A.D. Establishment of Arshakuni Kingdom in Armenia
111-140  Construction of Vagharshapat, the Capital of Armenia
298  Elevation of King Dertad III to the Armenian Throne
301 Adoption of Christianity as State Religion
340 Foundation of Dvin, the Capital of Armenia
361 Birth of St. Mesrob Mashtots in the village of Hatsegats in Taron
368 The imprisonment of King Arshak II in the Anhush fortress
371 The Battle of Tsira
374 Assassination of King Bab
406 The creation of Armenian alphabet
428 Fall of Arshakuni Kingdom
440 Death of St. Mesrob Mashtots
451 Battle of Avarayr and martyrdom of Vartan Mamikonian
484 The Treaty of Nvarsag
536 The first revolt of Armenia against Byzantine Empire
591 The second partition of Armenia between Byzantium and Persia
618 Construction of St. Hripsime Church
640 The first Arab invasion of Armenia and occupation of Dvin
643-652 Construction of Zvartnots Cathedral
661-682 Grigor Mamikonian, Governor of Armenia
703 The first Armenian revolt against the Arabs and the battle of Vartanagerd
885 Elevation of Ashot Bagraduni to the Armenian Throne. Establishment of Bagraduni Kingdom
908-1022 Ardzruni Kingdom in Vaspurakan
921-942 The construction of Aghtamar Cathedral by architect Manuel
948 Birth of St. Grigor Naregatsi
961 Foundation of Ant, the capital of Armenia
1001 The completion of Ant Cathedral by architect Drtad
1045 Occupation of Ant by Byzantium
1071 The Battle of Manazkert and the occupation of Armenia by Seljukids 
1080 Establishment of independent Armenian principalities in Cilicia 
1085 Liberation of the greater part of Armenia by the Zakarian brothers 
1187 Beginning of Levon II's rule in Cilicia
1199 Coronation of Levon II, King Cilicia
1220 Elevation of Hetum I to the Cilicia Throne
1236-1243 Mongol invasion of Armenia
1281 Official confirmation of the Armenian patriarchate of Jerusalem
1344 Invasion of Armenia by Turkmen tribes
1375 Fall of the Kingdom of Cilicia
1411-1467 Armenia under the rule of Kara Koyounlou Turkmen tribe
1441 The re-establishment of the Catholicosate in Holy Etchmiadzin 
1461 Establishment of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople
1467-1502 Armenia under the rule of Ak Koyounlou Turkmen tribe
1502 Establishment of Safavid (Iranian) rule in Eastern Armenia
1512 Barzadoumar, the first Armenian book printed in Venice
1604 Deportation of more than 350,000 Armenians to Iran by Shah Abbas 
1666 Printing of the first Armenian Bible in Amsterdam
1677 The secret meeting of Etchmiadzin for the liberation of Armenia
1699 The secret meeting of Angeghagot under the leadership of Israel Ori 
1717 Establishment of Mckhitarist Order in San Lazarro Island
1725-1728 The liberation struggle in Siwnik and Karabagh under the leadership of David Beg
1749 Publication of "Haigazian Dictionary" by Abbot Mkhitar
1761 The negotiations of Hovsep Emin in St. Petersburg
1794 The publication of the first Armenian periodical "Asdarar" in Madras, India 
1827 Tile occupation of Yerevan by the Russian Army
1828 Treaty of Turkmanchai. Establishment of Russian rule in Eastern Armenia 
1829 The Treaty of Adrianopol
1829 Mass migration of Western Armenians to Eastern Armenia
1831 Official recognition of Armenian Catholic Community by Ottomans 
1836 Proclamation of Polozhenic, the Armenian Church By-Laws under Russian rule
1839 Proclamation of "Tanzimat" by Sultan Abdul Mejid, promising civil fights and security to all the subjects of Ottoman Empire
1848 Official recognition of the Armenian Evangelical community by the Ottomans
1860 Adoption of the National constitution by Armenians under Ottoman rule
1862 Confirmation of the National Constitution by the Ottoman government. The revolt of Zeitun
1878 Treaty of St. Stefano
1878 The Congress and Treaty of Berlin
1879 The creation of "Secret Union of Upper Armenia" in Garin
1881 The creation of "Bashdban Hayreniats" Association in Constantinople
1882 The first demonstration against the Sultan in Garin
1885...............  The establishment of Armenakan party in Van
1886 Publication of 'Hunchag" in Geneva. Beginning of Hunchag party
1890 Foundation of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Tbilsi
1892 Election of Catholicos Khrimian Hayrig
1894 First revolt of Sassoon
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